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Running out boundary conditions


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Dear Experts,

I was trying to run WRF for a single domain (900KMx1200KM) over Bangladesh for 5 days (1/10/2023 00:00 to 6/10/2023 00:00) with FNL data. Although WPS programs and .real.exe ran successfully, WRF could not result successful output, giving error " Ran out of valid boundary conditions in file wrfbdy_d01". Was this error coming for problems in input met (FNL) data or for something else? Will appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks with best regards,
Masud Rana


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Please issue the command below:
ncdump -v Times wrfbdy_d01 and you will see the period your wrfbdy file covers.
The error message indicates that you intend to run wrf.exe beyond the period boundary data are available.
If this is true, please rerun real.exe and correctly specify the start and end times.