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running real.exe: Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: address not mapped to object at address 0x14adc38e3120)


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Dear team,
I am facing an error while running the real.exe which I cannot fix. It occurred after I recompiled the WRF and the WPS after compiler updates on the cluster, i.e., it should not be related to changed input data! Compiling worked well and I repeated all steps again to get the met_em_* files.
Please see the attached rsl.error.0000 file.
Any hint is appreciated!


  • rsl.error.0000
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It seems that real.exe crashed immediately after it started. This often indicates a memory issue.

it may be worth trying to unlimit the stacksize In sh/bash, you can run 'ulimit -s unlimited' and in csh/tcsh you can run 'limit stacksize unlimited'.

If you are using Linux, check to see if there is any restriction on your memory use:

ulimit -a

If the memory is limited, you may need to increase it with "ulimit -m value" (value in kbytes or mbytes),

or ask the system administrator to do it.