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Running real.exe for nested domain


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I am new to WRF and I am trying to run the model for a nested domain (D1 and D2, I attach the namelist). I have metgrid files for all the times in Domain 1, and just for the initial time ( in Domain 2 (as further times should not be needed). However, when running real.exe, after it runs for D1, it processes the initial time for D2 but then stops when trying to find the second met_em.d02 file (see the rsl.out.0000 output below). The does not exist because I thought it was not needed. Am I wrong? Is that warning "normal"? I do not see any "real.exe run successfully" at the end because it stops running after the FATAL CALLED, however, wrfinput_d01, wrfinput_d02 and wrfbdy_d01 are generated.

Thank you for your help.

From rsl.out.0000:


Domain 2: Current date being processed: 2018-11-01_00:00:00.0000, which is loop # 1 out of 13
configflags%julyr, %julday, %gmt: 2018 305 0.0000000E+00
Yes, this special data is acceptable to use: OUTPUT FROM METGRID V4.4
Input data is acceptable to use:
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_input = 2018-11-01_00:00:00
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_nml = 2018-11-01_00:00:00
Timing for input 15 s.
flag_soil_layers read from met_em file is 1
Using sfcprs3 to compute psfc
No average surface temperature for use with inland lakes
Assume Noah LSM input
forcing artificial silty clay loam at 69 points, out of 16740
Timing for processing 1 s.
Timing for output 50 s.
Timing for loop # 1 = 66 s.


Domain 2: Current date being processed: 2018-11-01_01:00:00.0000, which is loop # 2 out of 13
configflags%julyr, %julday, %gmt: 2018 305 1.000000
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
error opening for input; bad date in namelist or file not in directory
taskid: 0 hostname:


  • namelist.input
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I believe the issue is that you are using sst_update=1, and when you use that option, you need to have met_em* files for all times, and not just the initial time for d02. If that's the reason you're getting the error, I will admit the error message is not clear and will make a note to have this modified in the code. As a test, you could just try to turn off sst_update and see if it gets you past that error for real.exe. Let me know!
Thank you, you were right. Turning off sst_update solved the issue. I will run Metgrid again just for D2 as it is a long simulation and I want to update SST. Thank you again!