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running with moving nest option

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Dear All,
I am facing problem with moving nest option. One year back, I was installed WRF 3.9.1 with moving nest option and runs completed successfully. But now, its showing an error when run the WRF 4.2.3 with same namelist.input (below attached). Please suggest me what is the problem and how to rectify.

Access to RSMAS Topo Ingest Code is by Special Arrangement Only
in WRF. Please contact
horizontal interp error - lake ( 35, 1), using average -4.0000
horizontal interp error - lake ( 10, 10), using average -4.0000 --------------



  • namelist_input.txt
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Thank you for your quick reply. I was installed WRF4.2.3 moving configuration with setting the environment like " TERRAIN_AND_LANDUSE=1". it showing error like
"""rm -f landread.o
mpicc -cc=gcc -DFSEEKO64_OK -o landread.o -c -w -O3 -c -DDM_PARALLEL -DTERRAIN_AND_LANDUSE -DMAX_HISTORY=25 -DNMM_CORE=0 landread.c
landread.c:130:1: error: unknown type name ‘XDR’
static XDR *xdrs;""""

In this there is no types.h file problem as mention in one forum discussion "". My types.h file present in correct path (The error compile log file attached below).

So, after that I did the following steps
1) typed "clean -a"
2) Added the "DLANDREAD_STUB" to CFLAGS in configure file like mentioned in "" . It installed successfully.
3) After that, I was run the model by setting the namelist.input (attached above) like "sf_surface_physics = 1" (like "")
4). At the time it showing the above (previous question) mentioned error.

what is my mistake. Please suggest me.

Thank you.


  • compile.log
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Thanks for that explanation. Can you also attach the configure.wrf file you used for this compile of WRF, along with the full error file when you run WRF? Thanks!
Thank you for your replay. Below attached the both
i) compile error and configure file at installed WRF "with out" -DLANDREAD_STUB. These are attached with file names
a) compile_without_DLANDREAD_STUB.log
b) configure_without_DLANDREAD_STUB.wrf

ii) I was installed WRF "with" -DLANDREAD_STUB and got a errors. These are attached with file name
a) configure_witt_DLANDREAD_STUB.wrf
b) rsl.error_with_DLANDREAD_STUB.0000
c) rsl.error_with_DLANDREAD_STUB.0028


  • compile_without_DLANDREAD_STUB.log
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  • configure_without_DLANDREAD_STUB.wrf
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  • configure_with_DLANDREAD_STUB.wrf
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  • rsl.error_with_DLANDREAD_STUB.0000.txt
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  • rsl.error_with_DLANDREAD_STUB.0028.txt
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When you ran WPS, did you use USGS static data? Can you attach your namelist.wps file? Thanks!
Thank you. Below attached the namelist.wps file and image related to Surface files in WPS_GEOG.


  • namelist.wps
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According to your namelist.wps file, and assuming you're using a version of WPS released in the last few years, you're using the default static data, which are from MODIS. Chapter 5 of the WRF User's Guide specifies that if you're using the high resolution option and data from RSMAS, you must run geogrid using USGS static data. Take a look at this section of Chapter 3 of the User's Guide to see how to use USGS data. You'll need to re-run geogrid, metgrid, and real.exe.