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I would like to run WRF-RTFDDA-LES, however I'm unsure how to run it. I've gone through some of the code in WRF and found the rtfdda code, but is there a specific flag in the namelist I need to activate besides the flags in fdda for obs nudging? And how would I run it? Also for data acquisition, is there a specific source you'd recommend for running RTFDDA? If you know of any instructions please feel free to link those and I will check them out. I've learned how to run WRFDA and produce wrfsfdda files already, but this is the next step.

Thank you,
Hi Jeremy,
It looks like WRF-RTFDDA-LES is something done in a different lab at NCAR, as is not supported by our group that supports basic WRF. You may need to reach out to someone in that lab to see if they can help you with this.