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Running WRF using GSI analysis results as an initial field resulted in " SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred "


New member
Hello, experts, I use the analysis output from GSI's wrf_enkf as the initial field of WRF's wrfinput_ d01, then " SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred " occurred.
I found the debug log stop at CALL rrtmg_lw . Is this related to my wrfinput_d01 file or namelist settings ?

In addition, My WRF version is 4.1 and GSI version is 3.5, and my compilation environment for GSI and WRF is consistent. I will upload wrfinput_d01 (analysis), wrfbdy_d01, namelist.input, rsl.error.debug, and rsl.error.0000 to facilitate troubleshooting by other engineers.

wrfinput_ d01 and wrfbdy are relatively large, so I put a website here for engineers to download (Password: riwd) Please open the link in your browser and enter the access code to download the file.

Any information related to software configuration that could lead to errors would be very helpful for me, and I will continue to investigate from the system environment perspective. Thank you all.

I added the parameter "debug_level=200" in namelist.input, and found a problem in rsl.error.0000 that NETCDF could not find certain variables - these variables were not present in wrfinput_d01. However, this error-like message should not affect the subsequent execution, as the functions are normally called after this message in the log. I have successfully run this example on another platform where wrfinput_d01 also did not contain these variables. I hope this error message will not mislead any engineers who are trying to troubleshoot the issue.
Can you re-run this simulation after turning debug_level off (we don't recommend turning this on, as it rarely provides useful information and only makes the rsl files extremely large and difficult to read through)? Then please attach your namelist.input file, and package all your rsl.* files in a single .tar.gz file and attach that. Thanks!