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satellie data insted of old data in geog file-wps

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Dear all,
I need to use update data instead of old one provided in geog file. For example I want to use satellite data for land cover, land use, vegetation cover, soil type. However, I wonder how can I convert these satellite data in tif format to standard format for WPS. And also after conversion of those files how can I replace them in WPS? I am very new in this area so please kindly advice me step by step of all stages.
Many thanks in advance,
Best wishes,
Please take a look ate this website, which introduce in detail how to process GeoTIFF format data and make it work for geogrid:

Good luck!
Dear Ming,
Thanks for your reply.
I already had a look at the link you send. I installed the gdal on my system which is Mac. However, I cannot find where the gdal is downloaded and also donot know how to activate it. First I need to find the gdal.If you have any suggestion in this regard please advice me.
On the other hand I do not want to download data from I would like to download from sentinel. Can this documentation be used for sentinel?
Moreover I cannot understand step 3 and 4 clearly. If you have any advice in term of step 3 and 4 please notify me.
My suggestion to WRF managers is to provide some tutorial video for these kind of issues. Following this solution ease the task of other users and save time for all of us.
Many thanks and best wishes,
I am sorry that I have no answer to your question. We are not familiar with gdal and sentinel. We actually just use those static data provided by NOAA/USGS/EPA. The instruction Michael provides in his website is general, and I guess you have to make necessary changes on the specific data you want to process. Due to limited human power, we cannot process individual datasets not provided by NCAR.