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Saving output of global MPAS-Atmosphere


New member
Halo, I am a new in MPAS modelling. I am running MPAS-Atmosphere of global simulation with variables mesh (60 to 3 km).
Is it possible to save the output of simulations (such file history.*.nc) not globally, only in a specific area, to reduce the file size?

Best regards and thank you,
MPAS cannot save output files over a specific region. Global MPAS output files always cover the entire globe.
if you want to save storage space, you can always remove some variables you don't need from the output files. Please take a look at the file "stream_list.atmosphere.output", from which you can remove those variables you don't want to save.
You can also specify single-precision output stream to reduce the file size. Please see the document here that describe show to do so.