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Seeking suggestion: GFS 1 year data for meteorological modelling

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I am from Australia. Currently I am using The Air Pollution Model (TAPM) for Meteorological modelling.

"The model predicts the regional flows important to dispersion, such as sea breezes and terrain induced flows, against a background of larger-scale meteorology provided by synoptic analyses. The output of this model provides a meteorological dataset suitable for introduction into a diagnostic meteorological model, such as CALMET. "

Usually we do air dispersion modelling for the whole year where the met data comes from TAPM. However, we are planning to move to WRF as CSIRO has not updated TAPM for a long time now. I have the following queries:
1. the GFS dataset for a single day is like more than 20gb, so was wondering whether it is actually good idea to use WRF? The file sizes, specially GSF ones will cross 10TB size.
2. Is there any way to just get the GFS data according to my modelling grid size?
I am going through to make sure no forum posts have been overlooked and I found this one, which seems to have been. I am truly sorry for that. Have you found a way to move forward yet with this issue?