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segmentation fault (core dumped).

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I have installed WPS WRF V4 successfully by following this:

I am trying to give a run that are demonstrated here

Every stage before wrf.exe was successful. But when I ran wrf.exe, the following error occurred:

segmentation fault (core dumped).

Could anyone please help me? What does this mean? How to overcome this error?

Thanks in advance.
Can you please provide the namelist.input file you are using, along with the error log(s) (e.g., rsl.error.*). If you have several rsl.error* logs, please package them all together into a single *.TAR file and attach that. To attach files, while the text box is open, click on the tab with 3 horizontal lines and follow directions for attaching files.
Hello Kwerner,

Sorry for late reply.
Please see the attached files.

Thank you so much.


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.txt
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  • rsl.out.txt
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You have many CFL errors in your rsl* files. Take a look at this FAQ that describes the meaning and some possible solutions for this:
Thank you so much for your reply.

From the link you suggested, If I use this as initial processors determiner; ((e_we)/25) * ((e_sn)/25) : The number comes 10-ish.

If i do lscpu in my workstation:
CPU : 20
On-line CPU list : 0-19
Threads per core: 2
Core per socket : 10
Socket : 1

I am trying to use 16 cores for this particular run. But I couldn't figure out which command or where I should specify number of cores for this particular job.

Would you please help me with how ( which or where changes should be made) to use 16 cores (or any number of cores) in a particular job?

Thank you so much
I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding. I provided you with the incorrect link to your problem. Ignore that one, and try this instead: