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Segmentation fault error when running one year real.exe

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Hi all,
I am trying to run ten years simulations with WRFV3.9.1. I divided into ten one-year simulations. But I came across a error "BAD TERMINATION OF ONE OF YOUR APPLICATION PROCESSES EXIT CODE: 139 Segmentation fault (signal 11)". And there is no error information in rsl.out/error files, which is weird.
I thought there is limit on the wrfbdy_d01 which is above 6.7G. I tried ulimit -unlimited before typing "mpirun -np 4 ./real.exe", but this error still existed.
I am wondering why this occured, and need help from you all.
Thanks and best,


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We won't recommend to save a very large wrfbdy file over a long integration period. Instead, please run REAL.exe for a short-period, say 3-month, and produce wrfbdy for the 3-month. Then you can use the restart capability of WRF to make a continuous run over a long integration time.
Thank you for your reply, Ming. but I am new to WRF, could you provide detailed tutorial of this long time simulations. I have look through the online tutorial, but these all are short time simulations.
Thanks and best
Hi Longfei,
What I suggest is that you run real.exe over a shorter period, for example every 3-month. Suppose you want to conduct a 1-year continuous simulation of WRF, you may run real over jan-March, April-June, July-Sep, and Oct-Dec. You will have four wrfdby files for the above 4 periods.
Then you can run WRF over Jan-March, using the first wrfbdy file. By the end of this run, you should save wrfrst file and implements the restart capability of WRF to continue for the 2nd period, i.e., April-June, and use the second wrfbdy. You can repeat this process to finish your 1-year run. The results will be identical to a single run that covers the entire year and use a single large wrfbdy file for the year.
Please let me know if you have more questions.