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Segmentation Fault in compiling WRF model with Vortex following option


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Dear users,
I am trying to compile wrf with vortex following option and i am getting the below error:

"/opt/cray/pe/cce/8.6.5/cce/x86_64/bin/optcg" was terminated due to receipt of signal 013: Segmentation fault.
../configure.wrf:540: recipe for target 'module_comm_dm.o' failed
make[2]: [module_comm_dm.o] Error 2 (ignored)

I chose
# Compiler choice: 47 (dm+sm) CRAY CCE (ftn $(NOOMP)/cc): Cray XE and XC)
# Nesting option: 3 (Vortex Following Option).

I am attaching the configure.wrf, log.compile and enviroment files which i used.
I would appreciate it if you would take the time to check out my posts and give suggestions.


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There are potentially a few different things going on here. For simplicity, and to narrow down the issue, can you try to compile the latest WRF code (V4.4.1) with the basic nesting option (i.e., not vortex-following), and using either a serial option, or a dmpar option (instead of dm+sm)? Please let me know the results of that. If it fails, send the configure.wrf and compile log for that compile. Thanks!