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segmentation fault with new physics options

leila mahmoudi

New member
Dear Ms Kwerner
first thank you for your reply.
Now I'm trying to run a new case. I got some errors. but about the previous case.
You understand well about my explanation about WPS section.
Even though real.exe was running successfully for 3 months wrf.exe was not working and stopped after giving output for a few days. so I don't even get output for 3 months from wrf.exe.
I was getting output of one day of 3 months and then WRF stopped and gave the error as I sent you previously.

I was reading a thread in which you mentioned about the ratio between data spatial resolution and dx dy setting.
so I created new case with the same setting and just changed the dx and dy to 31000 since Im using ERA5 data with spatial resolution of 31 km and I shortened the simulation period to 10 days.
WPS ran successfully.
real.exe ran successfully.
again in WRF it was giving error. not the same error but it stopped right away after started to run.
I should mention that I want to use specific namelist.input options especially in the physics section.
So I tried namelist.input template which is provided in WRF/test/em_real to see whether WRF is installed correctly. it worked perfectly without error.
so I was thinking that maybe error originate from namelist.input.
could you please check the namelist for case2?
I want specifically use these options for namelist in case 2
mp_physics = 2
ra_lw_physics = 1
ra_sw_physics = 1
bl_pbl_physics = 7
sf_surface_physics = 2
num_soil_layer = 4
I just change these options and It gives error.


  • rsl.error (case1).0000
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  • namelist(case1).input
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  • image (case1).png
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I have a couple of thoughts.

1) You are probably not using enough processors for this. Can you try to run the case with multiple processors and see if that makes any difference?
2) The ACM2 PBL option (bl_pbl_physics = 7) is tricky and probably performs best when using sf_sfclay_physics = 7 (Pleim-Xiu) and sf_surface_physics = 7 (also Pleim-Xiu). Take a look at this document for additional information, pros and cons, and best practices for this scheme.