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segmentation fault

leila mahmoudi

New member
I got error while running real.exe.
my period is for one year. when I change to shorter time period like one month I don't get error and real.exe run successfully but for one year period it gives error.
I got WPS output in two case.
I mean I divide one year to two section because of limited period of simulation.
can it be reason?
I tried to run as parallel with one core but in both case (serial and parallel) it gives error.
could some one help me with this error?


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Iam also encountring the same issue,
Kindly Suggest the ways to overcome the Segmentation fault
A segmentation fault can occur due to many different things. Please post your inquiry as a separate thread and provide some more information on your simulation, including the namelist and out/error files.
@leila mahmoudi
I'm not sure I understand what you mean about running one year in 2 sections. Do you mean that you process the met_em files for half the year, and then the other half, but then run real.exe for the full year, using all of the met_em* files? As long as there are no gaps in the data, and you're using the same type of data files, I don't believe this should be an issue. It looks like real.exe stops after 3 months, so it's not even getting to the 6-month mid-point.

Can you check whether you could potentially be running out of disk space to write the large wrfinput_d01 and wrfbdy_d01 files?