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Sensitivity of the wrf results to restart and time step

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Hi wrfhelp team,

I have 3 questions about running wrf.exe:

(1) For the same simulation, will different time step for integration, e.g. changing from 100 s to 500 s, affect the final results?

(2) In a long-term simulation, I have several wrf restart files, for example, wrfrst_d01_2010-01-03_00:00:00 and wrfrst_d01_2010-01-06_00:00:00. If I restart the model respectively using wrfrst_d01_2010-01-03_00:00:00 and wrfrst_d01_2010-01-06_00:00:00, will I get identical results on 2010-01-07? (Assume I am using the same number of processors)

(3) Even for the same simulation, are the results reproducible (I mean getting identical results each time)?


Different time steps will induce slight changes in the final results.
If you restart the case form different time, the results should be identical suppose you run with the same number of processors.
For the same case running with the same number of processors, the results should be reproducible.

Ming Chen