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Dear help,
I calculated the accumulation "SFCEVP" between 2013-05-01 and 2013-08-30 over China, and found some negative values in Northwest China. I am a little confused about this, is it correct? I opened the "Noah" scheme and modified the REGISTRY.COMMON. The negative values in the attached figure are blank.

Thank a lot.


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SFCEVP is ACCUMULATED SURFACE EVAPORATION with positive values upward. This means that when there is evaporation from the surface to the upper air, the value is positive. If condensation occurs, then its value is negative.
Dear Ming,
I calculated the accumulation "SFCEVP" during DJF months over China and found there existed abnormally large values above the lakes. Seeming like the given warmer pool temperature than normal in default setting. How could I set up to solve this problem in WRF?
Thank you very much.


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