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Simulated Radar reflectivity plots


New member
I was running the WRF with do_radar_reflectivity=1 and after running i got the REFL_10cm variable which i potted also. But this variable REFL_10cm is giving the estimated 10 cm wavelength (S-band) radar reflectivity in dB relative to reflectivity (dBZ) as produced by the WRF microphysics scheme. My study is over a region for which i have data from a C band radar. And i want to compare my simulated reflectivity plot with that of the radar. But since they both belong to S and C band I cannot simply do the comparison right. So is there any way to get the simulated reflectivity using WRF in the C band region instead of at 10cm?
I am sorry that WRF doesn't have this capability. You will have to create codes/scripts to calculate radar reflectivity in C-band region.