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Simulated SST with global run

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i'm having issues with the 1D ocean model in a global run. In particular, the SST variable is not changing through the simulation. My understanding is that with sf_ocean_physics = 1, the 1D ocean model will result in changes to the SST throughout the simulation, which will in turn affect surface fluxes. While the SST skin temperature updates by setting sst_skin = 1, I'm not sure if that variable feeds back to the the atmosphere. I'm using a GFS file to initialize the global run, and it appears that the "SST" output variable may equal the SST initialization field for every time step, instead of being calculated throughout the simulation. Could this have something to do with the fact that for a global run, the manual says to run ./real.exe for just one hour before running ./wrf.exe for the length of the desired simulation? namelist files are attached. Thank you in advance for anyone who could help me figure out what I'm doing wrong!

View attachment namelist.input

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When you turn on sf_ocean_physics = 1, the 1D-ocean module will be activated and calculate SST. Note that this option shouldn't be used with sst_skin = 1. This is because sst_skin = 1 is a separate module independent of sf_ocean_physics = 1. With sst_skin =1, it will update TSK using other variables like hex, le, radiation, etc. as input.
Thanks for the reply Ming. I've tried running the simulation both with, and without, sst_skin turned on. In both cases the SST output variable does not appear to update over the simulation. Anything else I can try? I attached the SST output from the first 7 days to illustrate that.

View attachment plt_Surface1.pdf

The 1D-ocean module is a simple slab ocean model. I am suspicious that it can give you realistic update of SST.
If you want to run long-term case, please set sst_update =1, then try again.