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simulation or forecasting

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Let say, I want to run wrf for 72 hour (From 17.05.2020 to 19.05.2020)
For that I have taken 72 hour forecast of 17.05.2020 at 00z (initialize model with 17.05.2020 00 gmt)
When I run the wrf using that above data, is it a simulation or forecasting?

what is the basic difference between simulation and forecasting regarding WRF run?
Please clear this point.
Thank you
I think people use the words "simulation" and "forecast" interchangeably. Technically a forecast is a prediction of the future, so since your dates have already passed, they wouldn't really be a forecast, and "simulation" would be the more accurate term. However, as I said, I've heard many modelers use the word "forecast" to simply indicate any simulation. I agree it's a bit confusing.
Thank you for your reply.
I get some clarification from your reply.
Like if I take data of today (2.12.2020 at 00 Z) and run our model for 72 hour . Then it might be the forecast.
But technically those (simulation and forecast) have no difference.
Thank you jayanti pal for coming up with this question as I had the same doubt and thankyou kwerner for clearing it giving some clarity to tis confusion between forecast and simulation.