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Soil parameters when using different land surface options


New member
Hi there,

I am using WRF v3.9.1, and I would like to know whether there are different soil parameters associated with different WRF land surface options ("sf_surface_physics" namelist option).

I see that the default number of land categories "num_land_cat" used in namelist.input is 16, which appears to correspond to the number of soil properties in the "/run/SOILPARM.TBL" file. Does this mean that there are always 16 soil types, regardless of the chosen land surface option, and that the soil parameters remain the same for each of the 16 types? Or are there different soil properties (e.g. MAXSMC, soil porosity) for different sf_surface_physics options?

I ask because different land surface options (e.g. NOAH vs. CLM4) produce very different ranges in soil moisture, as well as different soil moisture responses to precipitation / rates of soil drying. Given these differences, I was curious whether each land surface option might have unique soil parameters, or different numbers of land categories.