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some problems when compiling wrf(planetwrf)

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Hello, everyone.
I'm new in WRF and I was trying to use the planetWRF which is based on WRF module. I use the planetWRF instead of WRF because I want to use it on Mars.
I configure and compile like this:
./configure mars
 ./compile em_global_mars >& log.compile

I checked the log file and here is the first error:


  216 |        call random_seed(put=iseed(1:18))
      |                            1
Error: Size of ‘put’ argument of ‘random_seed’ intrinsic at (1) too small (18/33)
make[2]: [../configure.wrf:319: module_stoch.o] Error 1 (ignored)

I guess the problem come from here but I don't know how to solve it.

Some of my information:
OS Information: Debian 5.4.19-1 (2020-02-13)
gcc: 9.3.0
gfortran: 9.3.0
netcdf : 4.6.0
openmpi: 2.1.0

attachment is my compile log and configure file. I hope someone can help me.


  • log.compile.txt
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  • configure.wrf.txt
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In your log file, the error message is related to cpp, i.e.,
sh: /lib/cpp: not found
Typically, the "cpp" is available along with the compiler. Is there a reason why a standard utility would likely not be available?