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some question about using WRF-BEP

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I'm trying to run WRF-BEP and I have some questions.
I modified my namelist.input according to ,but I'm not sure whether my operation is correct or not. Here is my operation:
First,I changed some physics scheme such as "sf_urban_physics","bl_pbl_physics"...
Second, I modified "num_land_cat" from 24 to 33.
(And in this paper it mentioned that I should add a parameter"num_urban_layer" and modify its value, however, I cannot find it in UsersGuide and when I modified it, the real.exe will generate error message. For this reason, I didn't modify it)

The other quesion is that I used landuse_30s data, the index in this folder tell me they are USGS-24 categories data. But there are 33 categories in BEP. Does it work if I modify num_land_cat without download some other dataset? Can it be identified automatically by WRF?Or maybe I need to download some new data which classify into 33 class form USGS?

Thanks for your help. :)
I have copied this original post from the WPS/geogrid section to this physics section, as the first part of the question is related to physics. In the future, if at all possible, try to post separate questions in their appropriate topic areas. Thanks!
Can you attach your namelist.input file, and a log file (perhaps rsl.error.0000 if you have one) that shows the error message you are getting when you run real.exe? Can you also let me know what version of the model you are using?

Your second question is related to WPS/geogrid, so that will be answered here: