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Special WRF Output Variables

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I found this section in Chapter 5 of the User's guide (see end of post). How can I get potential temperature in K to be output. It says they are defined in the Registry file. Which Registry file? Are they automatically output or do I need to change something? I'm using my WRF output as an input to FLEXPART-WRF. My flexpart runs come up with an error complaining that temperature is not in Kelvin. I am wondering if I need to adjust something.

Thank you

Special WRF Output Variables

The WRF model outputs the state variables defined in the Registry file, and these state variables are used in the model's prognostic equations. Some of these variables are perturbation fields; therefore the following definitions for reconstructing meteorological variables are necessary:

total geopotential


total geopotential height in m

( PH + PHB ) / 9.81

total potential temperature in_ K

T + 300

total pressure in mb

( P + PB ) * 0.01

wind compoments, grid relative

U, V

surface pressure in Pa


surface winds, grid relative

U10, V10 (valid at mass points)

surface temperature and mixing ratio

T2, Q2
wrfout files include the variable T, which is perturbation potential temperature. The total potential temperature is T+300.

T is a state variable defined in Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON