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Spin-up time for restart runs

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Do I have to allow a spin-up time for a restart run when simulating hurricanes?

I have a problem getting the same results with a non-restart run (low resolution) with a restart run (high resolution). I have the same namelist parameters except for the resolution and number of domains.

Restart – /glade/scratch/jvithana/test7-2km/WRFV4_irine/test/em_real

Non restart- /glade/scratch/jvithana/test9-3km/WRFV4_irine/test/em_real

in those folders i ran the same namelist variables, but different resolutions. results are not matching.

A restart run doesn't need any soil-up time. For the same case over the same integration period, a continuous run and a restart run should have identical results.
However, if you change the resolution, then the results will be different, and sometimes the difference could be large.