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Starting wrf task 0 of 1 (real.exe)

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I am following this tutorial (Single model domain case- hurricane katrina)

Every stage before real.exe, I am able to run successfully.
In real.exe;

the process stops in the terminal just after I run real.exe and the message is : starting wrf task 0 of 1
and the rsl.error.0000 file showing the error,
ERROR in psfc: flag_psfc = 1, flag_soilhgt = 1, flag_slp = 0, sfcp_to_sfcp = F
-------------------------------------FATAL CALLED -------------------------------------------------------
not enough info for a p sfc computation. (attached).

I have attached namelist, rsl.error, and screenshot from terminal.

Would you please show me some light?

Thanks in advance


  • namelist.input
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  • Screenshot from 2020-01-14 10-31-54.png
    Screenshot from 2020-01-14 10-31-54.png
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  • rsl.error.png
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I am trying to run the same case as you, following the online tutorial and I am facing the exact same problem. Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
I think I found something useful at the following link:

I just added the flag sfcp_to_sfcp = .true. to the "domains" section of namelist.input and now the problem is fixed!
Good luck!

I have added the flag in the domain section
sfcp_to_sfcp = .true.

It is still giving me the same error.


  • Screenshot from 2020-01-23 10-42-28.png
    Screenshot from 2020-01-23 10-42-28.png
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Which version of WPS and WRF you are running? Where did you get the met_em files? If you produce met-em yourself, please let me know what input data you use.

I am using WPS & WRF V.4

and I am using the same met_em files as mentioned in the Hurricane case in this tutorial ( )

Please run WPS to produce your own met_em files. The one in the website may be for the older version of WRF.