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starting wrf task 0 of 1


New member
Hello. When I'm running real.axe the only information that appears on the screen is "starting wrf task 0 of 1". To find out if the simulation was successful you need to run the command tail rsl.error.0000. In a video I found on the internet, the information appeared on the screen after executing the real.exe command. I would like to know which option I should enable so that this information is available on the screen after executing the real.exe command.
The standard error and output only writes to the screen if you compile WRF for serial computation, which doesn't work for most people since they need to use multiple processors for computation. When you use multiple processors, you get multiple rsl* files (one *.out.* and one *.error.* for each processor), so it's not possible for that to print out to the screen since each processor can be a little different.