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Static fields processing suddenly stops

Hello everyone,

I compiled MPAS-A v8.0.1 and I'm trying to process static fields in parallel for a global mesh with 250-1km resolution. Before updating to v8.0.1 I tried to do the same but the processing suddenly stopped after a few minutes. At that time I just assumed that was related to some memory issue due to serial processing of such grid, but now I am capable of processing it with 50 cores. The model simply stops, without outputting any error message at all. I have attached the model log and namelist.

Thank you.

ps.: The grid was created with Jigsaw. Using the same scripts I was able to create a 250-4km mesh and process and run it successfully, so I don't believe that the grid generation is the issue.
Oh yes, sorry I've forgotten to attach them before


  • namelist.init_atmosphere.txt
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  • streams.init_atmosphere.txt
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  • log.init_atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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Your namelist and streams files both look fine. There is no error message in your log file. I tend to believe this is not an issue related to codes or input data.
Probably you can try to run with more processors just in case insufficient memory may lead to trouble.

Please keep me updated of any progress. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the reply.

The problem is that I am indeed running with the maximum possible number of processors, which is 50..
In your log file, you can find the memory allocated for running this case:

8 MB allocated for fields on this task
400 MB total allocated for fields across all tasks

Can you check the available memory in your machine when you run with 50 processors?

I am still suspicious this is a memory issue....