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Subroutine DATINT: Interpolating 3-d files to fill in any missing data...


New member
Please assist because I am getting the error message above attached as a logfile, also Attached is the gribfile.txt
I am trying to run a simulation to analysis the outputs of the events of the Tropical Cyclone DINEO which was on February 2017.

Please assist


  • gribfile.txt
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  • ungripERROR.log
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The error message shows that ungrib is unable to find the input for time 2017-02-15_18, but according to your GRIBFILE.* list, you have the following line, which should correspond to this time, which points the file that should correspond to this time.

4 lrwxrwxrwx 1 wrf wrf 61 Aug 22 14:16 GRIBFILE.AAW -> /home/wrf/Build_WRF/DATA/DINEO/gfs.0p25.2017021512.f006.grib2

Can you use the g2print.exe program to show me what is in that file? Just issue
./util/g2print.exe GRIBFILE.AAW >& g2print.txt

and then attach the g2print.txt file, as well as your namelist.wps. Thanks!