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tc.exe doesn't work properly at southern hemisphere


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I'm trying to use the new version of WRF to re-run a case in South Atlantic that I have already run using an older version of WRF (3.x). I've noticed that, although the model runs without any kind of trouble, no bogussing is done. Looking to the code (more specifically the SUBROUTINE tc_bogus), it seems like the vmax information from namelist.input is lost at some point.
l_tcbogus = .TRUE.
! Bogus vortex specifications, vmax (m/s); rmax (m);
vmx = vmax(nstrm) * vmax_ratio

IF ( latc_loc(nstrm) .LT. 0. ) THEN
vmx = -vmx

IF ( vmax(nstrm) .LE. 0. ) THEN
vmx = SQRT( 2.*(1-beta)*ABS(phip0) )

Also, at
! Start computing.

PRINT '(/,A,I3,A,A,A)' ,'---> TC: Processing storm number= ',nstrm
PRINT '(A,F6.2,A,F7.2,A)' ,' Storm center lat= ',latc_loc(nstrm),' lon= ',lonc_loc(nstrm),'.'
PRINT '(A,2F6.2,A)' ,' Storm center grid position (x,y)= ',ew_gcntr,ns_gcntr,'.'
PRINT '(A,F5.2,F9.2,A)' ,' Storm max wind (m/s) and max radius (m)= ',vmx,rmax(nstrm),'.'
PRINT '(A,F5.2,A)' ,' Estimated central press dev (mb)= ',devpc,'.'

The rsl.out.0000 prints **** as the value of vmax.

I've tried, just to see what it happens, set vmax_meters_per_second with a negative value in the namelist.input, and doing so, TC.exe creates a bogus, but unfortunately it has anticyclonic rotation at Southern Hemisphere.
Could someone help me to fix it?

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Tropical cyclones are rotating storms spawned in the tropics. Because of the Coriolis effect, Tropical cyclones rotate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
I believe that the TC Bogus scheme works fine in the Southern Atlantic. Please clarify what makes you think it doesn't work.