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TC simulation wind speed is stronger than observation but sea level pressure is weaker than the reference in WRFV4.3.3


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Hello everyone,
TC simulation is always higher than the reference data's air pressure means TC' weaker, but the wind speed is also much higher than the reference wind speed.
Do you have any experience with overestimated wind speed?
Can you be a bit more specific about what type of simulation you're running? Are you doing a standard compile of WRF, or are you using vortex-following? Please also attach your namelist.input file. Can you also let us know how much of a difference you're seeing with the pressure and winds, compared to observations? Thanks!
thanks for your reply, now I am simulating TC Neoguri and doing a standard compilation of WRF. The figure is SLP and 10/m wind speed.
I did 24 ensembles which are a combination of different schemes. the blue, red, and green is observation, and the orange and purple is simulation.

Looking forward to your response!



  • namelist.input
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One option that could help this is by adding Can you try adding isftcflx = 1 in the &physics section of the namelist. The only caveat is that it only works when using sf_sfclay_physics = 1, 5, or 91. With these options, there is an alternative option for exchange coefficients for momentum and heat/moisture fluxes for TCs.