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The way to turn of the radiation in the WRF model?


New member
Dear WRF,

I want to perform a sensitivity test without the radiative process. I set ra_lw_physics=0 and ra_sw_physics=0 in the namelist. However, I found that, under such a situation, the RTHRATEN in the wrfout files does not equal to zero. It seems that the radiative process can not be turned off by setting ra_lw_physics=0 and ra_sw_physics=0 in the namelist. I would appreciate it if anyone can advise me about how to turn off the radiative process effectively in the WRF.
Thank you very much for the immediate response!
In the sensitivity tests, the model is run from the restart time with radiative process turned off, i.e. ra_lw_physics=0 and ra_sw_physics=0. However, the restart files are produced in the control run with ra_lw_physics=1 and ra_sw_physics=1. I guess the non-zero values of RTHRATEN are from the restart files instead of being calculated in the sensitivity run. Now, I am not sure whether the non-zero values of RTHRATEN contribute to the changes of potential temperature in the sensitivity experiment.