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There is not SFCRNOFF in WRF-Hydro v5.2 or newer

Hello,WRF-Hydro Team:

When I run WRF-Hydro V5.2 or newer version, there is not SFCRNOFF in LDASOUT_DOMAIN2. And the output of WRF-Hydro V5.1.2 is right.
What is wrong with the new version ?
The problem has been solved. Thanks Aubrey Dugger!
The WRF-Hydro tesm intentionally removed SFCRNOFF from the Noah-MP LDASOUT outputs when overland routing is active. Under this configuration, Noah-MP SFCRNOFF values are incorrect/invalid, so they didn't want users getting confused. If you want to use Noah-MP SFCRNOFF, you will need to turn off OVRTSWCRT.