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wrf bug

  1. C

    Segmentation fault while writing restart files

    Hello, me and my colleague ran into a segmentation fault right when WRF was about to write the first restart file more specificaly during writing for a nested domain. This problem happened exactly at the same time with both of our computer despite the fact that we were using different time...
  2. C

    Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference

    Hello everyone, can you help me with this problem? When I run wrf.exe, I get the following error: Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0 0x154094f54d11 in ??? #1 0x154094f53ee5 in ??? #2 0x154094bca08f in ??? at...
  3. M

    Segmentation Faults just prior to integration

    Hello, I'm currently running WRF V4.5.2 built with Classic Intel compilers (dm+sm) on Princeton's research computing clusters. I'm using 0.25 GFS as input data, and when I run the model it always seg faults right before integration. The rsl.out/error files didn't show the fault, but I hope they...
  4. R

    Why are model results reset every 24 hours?

    I am conducting an experiment from October 1, 2016 to October 6, 2016. I have the following met_em files:
  5. S

    WRF openMPI error on Slurm

    I am running the WRF model in a slurm environment using openMPI. A slurm script called "wrf.slurm" was used to perform work on the compute node, and the following error message was written to rsl.error.0018. When I ran the same script two days ago, it ran normally, but after the error occurred...
  6. N

    Ground heat flux of Noah-MP LSM

    In WRF, when using Noah-MP as the land surface model with sf_urban_physics enabled, I observe anomalous results for ground heat flux (G Flux). The flux in Noah-MP is calculated with the downward direction considered positive. Conversely, in UCM (Single-layer), G Flux is positive upward, causing...
  7. xpji

    WRF:NUM_METGRID_SOIL_LEVELS = 0 (from met_em files).

    hi,all when i run real.exe, i got an error like: After some checking, I realized that it was caused by the inconsistency with namelist.input due to NUM_METGRID_SOIL_LEVELS = 0 in my met file. But this met file is generated by the FILE:xxx file I wrote via py, after metgrid.exe, and I really...
  8. R

    WRF V3.8 input conversion error

    Hello, I recently encountered a strange problem. I am unable to progress my WRF model after performing data assimilation, which generates an analysis. The error message is as follows: forrtl: severe (64): input conversion error, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Read Image PC...
  9. V

    Segmentation fault while running wrf.exe at 1km resolution

    Hi, I am using the WRF v4.0 model for simulations over the mountainous region of India. Model IC/BC is being used from ERA5 datasets. Simulation has three domains, i.e., D1 = 20 km, D2 = 4 km, and D3 = 1 km resolution. WPS and WRF-real completed without any error messages while running wrf.exe...
  10. M

    ECMWF error in running real.exe

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to run WRF using the ERMWF data. I've already succeeded in running ungrib and metgrid (after downloading surface and level data separately and running ungrib twice). However, when I run real.exe, an error occurred. I've attached my namelist.wps and...
  11. H

    FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 1415 not enough info for a p sfc computation

    dear friends, when I used the era5 data to run WRF4.2 and WPS4.2 (ps: I used the as Vtable, all the variables like 10m u-component of wind, 10m v-component of wind, 2m dewpoint temperature, 2m temperature, Sea surface temperature, Skin temperature, Soil temperature level 1...
  12. T

    Vertical loop index in subroutine "advect_w" when the polar flag is on

    Hi. I'd like to ask about the vertical loop index (for tile, kts, and ktf) in WRF(v3.8.1). In the subroutine advect_w located in dyn/module_advect_em.F, I found that the vertical loop index is kts:ktf as shown below. ``` IF ( config_flags%polar .AND. (j == jds+1) ) THEN DO...
  13. L

    Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

    Greetings everyone. I'd like some help with a problem i'm facing while running wrf.exe. I'll attach my namelist, rsl.error and rsl.out files, since i'm not even able to track down the problem. Thanks in advance
  14. A

    wrf configurations

    namelist.input : &time_control run_days = 24, run_hours = 0, run_minutes = 0, run_seconds = 0, start_year = 2023, start_month = 08...
  15. J

    WRF postProcessing

    Hello,I'm doing a simulation of wrf-les coupling. The CFD tool used is sowfa, and in its examples, there is a case of coupling with wrf, where there is a program to extract data from wrf. But after I changed my filename, nHrs and nPerhrs. Running error : wrfout file does not have z and fc...
  16. L

    FATAL CALLED invalid parent id for domain 2

    Greetings everyone I'd like some help with a problem i'm facing while running real.exe: when i do input the command "./real.exe" i get the message: -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 5805 invalid parent id for domain 2 Thanks in...
  17. W

    [SOLVED] Segfault for WRF V4.5 with the new hybrid 100-m MODIS-LCZ dataset using SLUCM urban physics

    Hi, I came across segfault for WRF 4.5 using the new modis-lcz dataset under SLUCM urban physics. The segfault always happen at 1 of the 72 cores in Cheyenne. From the error log it seems that the segfault happens during avgflx at solve_em.F. I cannot pinpoint how it happens without any...
  18. S

    Simulation results change when I only made modification to Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON

    Hello, I met this problem here with WRF-v4.4.1. After I made some modifications to Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON (without changing any part of the other codes) and recompile, the simulation results changes. The modification includes two new variables in "NSSL WRF diagnostics" part, and add an...
  19. Y

    Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference

    I am currently using WRF 4.5 to perform regional climate simulations over the Tibetan Plateau. However, I consistently encounter an error when running wrf.exe: Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0 0x151d5f527ad0 in ??? #1...
  20. Z

    wrf 4.5 & 4.4 chem compile issue attached log file

    hello there, i am trying to install wrf chem model, everything goes well when i try to compile, it show this error "Problems building executables, look for errors in the build log" i went to log file and check the error "ERROR: variable name for third body in KPP species file is expected to be...