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wrf bug

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    Segmentation Fault in WRF-Chem: Issues with wrfinput files modified by ETKF in WRFDA hybrid

    Hello everyone, I currently work on running WRF-Chem after Hybrid 3DVar-ETKF WRFDA, and encountered a persistent segmentation fault (wrfchem-run stopped at 'calls rrtmg_lw'). The Hybrid 3DVar-ETKF process contains the following steps: 1.wrf_3dvar_input_*.e001,wrf_3dvar_input_*.e002: Be...
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    WRF-Hydro running error: READ_ROUTEDIM

    Hello, I am modeling WRF-Hydro for the California region of the United States and running the command . /wrf_hydro.exe with the following error, the detailed log file is attached, enter the file can be downloaded by clicking the download link, can you help me to see what the problem is, and how...
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    ./wrf.exe Status = -4 ---- ERROR: Could not find matching time in input file

    Dear friends, I missed an error when I run the ./wrf.exe in WRF-noahmp. here touched my namelist.input and some input data. when I change the time_step from 180 to 120 to 90, it always said the same error in the different time, such as 2020-07-03, 2020-07-14, 2020-09-18. **WARNING** Time in...
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    wrfinput files don't match first wrfout file

    Hello, I am trying to use mozbc to input dust data to the wrfinput file. This correctly works, and the dust data shows up in the wrfinput file. The problem is that when I run WRF-Chem, the first wrfout file does not contain any dust information. It basically starts the dust variable from...
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    problem about ungrib/Variable_Tables/Vtable.SST

    I tried to add the SST part in WRF, but I encountered the following error. I am using ERA5 data. How should I resolve this?
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    WRF core limit error with docker container

    I‘m currently running a small domain 200x150 model in a WRFV4.5.2 docker container. The host Machine has a size of 48c96t AMD CPU and the system is ubuntu 22.04. I tested the time consumption that I only need around 40 threads to reach a optimized perfomance under nc+hdf5 and gun compiler. but I...
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    WRFv4.6 Compilation error with GNU

    Dear WRF Family, I am trying to compile WRFV4.6 with the GNU (gfortran/gcc) compiler in dmpar mode. I used source code and tar files from the WRF Release website. However, I am getting errors that I can't debug. Please find attached compile.log & configure.wrf files. I would be grateful if...
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    GRIBFILE.AAC is recognized as an audio file

    After processing in Vtable, all suffixes are. The files of AAC are recognized as audio files and cannot be processed when running unglib.exe. ERROR: hdate=2023-01-1600:00:00.0000,fuldates=2023-01-15 18:00:00.0000 2023-01-1600:00:00.0000,Field= PMSL May I ask how to solve it? Thank you very...
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    Problem with PBL = 5 (MYNN2.5) in WRF 4.5.1

    Hi everyone, My collagues and I have been trying to run WRF 4.5.1 in a HPC. We've noticed that when we use the MYNN2.5 scheme for pbl an error occurs. The simulations stops within its first 10 seconds before any timestep calculation even happens. Has anyone reported this before? 1. We are...
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    Running MYNN on coarse and LES on fine grid - impossible or user error?

    Hello, I am running WRF to study downslope windstorms, and would like to use the MYNN (or other higher-level closure schemes) for the coarse grid (1 km or larger), as they've proved the best for this kind of application, and LES for a finer grid (say 100 m). However, when attempting to...
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    KILLED BY SIGNAL: 9 (Killed)

    Hello All I hope you're doing well I am doing a simulation on WRF 4-5.1 but wrf.exe fails just i am running for 15 days. I get the following error: = BAD TERMINATION OF ONE OF YOUR APPLICATION PROCESSES = RANK 29 PID 9587 RUNNING AT n117 = KILLED BY SIGNAL: 9 (Killed) Attached are all...
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    WRF error: too many input landuse types

    Hello everyone, I'm currently encountering an issue while running WRF version 4.5. The error message I receive is as follows: -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 2419 Warning: too many input landuse types I replaced the original land use data in...
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    WRF-CHEM w/kpp && WRF-CHEMDA v4.6.0 - Intel LLVM Compilers

    Hello admins @islas @weiwang @kwerner @jordanschnell , @mgduda With the release of WRF v4.6.0, I have conducted a series of evaluations on the Weather Research and Forecasting Model Chemistry (WRF-Chem) version 4.6.0, utilizing the Intel LLVM Compilers and associated libraries. The purpose of...
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    WRF 4DVAR v4.6.0 - Intel LLVM Compilers

    Hello admins @islas @weiwang @kwerner , @mgduda With the release of WRF v4.6.0, I have conducted a series of evaluations on the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) version 4.6.0, utilizing the Intel LLVM Compilers and associated libraries. The purpose of these tests was to assess the...
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    The problem about Grid nudging

    Hello, I have recently observed a deviation in the original differences after using the grid nudging option. What could be the reason for this? The comparison in this figure shows the difference in wind speed with and without a wind farm. It can be seen that after adding nudging, there is a...
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    Segmentation fault Runing WRF4.5

    Hi all, I met this problem while runninf Wrfv4.5: [comput1:4365 :0:4365] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: address not mapped to object at address 0xfffffffe07e33640) ==== backtrace (tid: 4365) ==== 0 0x000000000004d455 ucs_debug_print_backtrace() ???:0 1 0x0000000002d4b161...
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    An error occurs when running WRF

    Hello! I am running a month-long simulation, I am using WPSv4.4 and WRFv4.4.2, and I have the following error in./wrf.exe: -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 415 RIBX never exceeds RIC, RIB(i,kte) = 0.0000000E+00 THETAV(i,1) =...
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    TR_URB in WRF version 4.5.2 is strange

    We use WRF version 4.5.2 for urban climate studies. Registory.EM_COMMON has been modified to output variables related to urban areas. Some skin temperature results, such as TR_URB2D (urban roof skin temperature), TB_URB2D (urban wall skin temperature), and TG_URB2D (urban road skin...
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    forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)

    Hello, When I run WRF, I get 24 hours of output for my 3 day simulation before getting errors. I imagine this is due to a problem with the physics or dynamics parameters I have set in the namelist, but am not spotting the issue. Namelist and rsl* are included below. Thanks!
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    open_hist_w : error opening /glade/derecho/scratch/... for writing.

    Hello, I have already successfully executed real. In running wrf I receive the following error: open_hist_w : error opening /glade/derecho/scratch/$USER/spillover_200612/wrfout_d03_2006-12-13_00:00:00 for writing. That particular folder is empty. I have exhausted my troubleshooting checklist...