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There is snow when total precipitation is 0


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I was analyzing my wrfout files (that are written hourly) and noticed that there seems to be snow even though the accumulated total precipitation up to that point is 0. I added RAINC+RAINNC to get total precipitation and compared it to a few snow related variables such as SNOWNC and SNOWH, and found that SNOWNC and SNOWH are non-zero despite there not being any precipitation. What's more perplexing is that the period that was analyzed is in May around the Montreal area of Canada.

My question is: how could the model output show that there is snow despite not having any precipitation?

Thanks for your help,
SNOWH can be derived from input data and it is understandable that it is not zero while rainc + rainnc is zero.
However, rainnc shouldn't be zero if there is snow.
Can you plot time series of rainnc and snownc at the points you mentioned? Thanks.