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Thompson schemes with Ruiz-Arias method

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Gillian Gao

New member
Dear Experts,

I am wondering whether the Aerosol-aware Thompson scheme (mp-physics =28) can work with the Ruiz-Arias method (aer_opt = 2). I have not seen any models use them together yet as mp_physics=28 is always working with aer_opt = 3

I am also wondering whether there are any differences between using aer_opt=2 with the Thompson scheme (mp_physics =8) and the aerosol-aware Thompson scheme (mp_physics = 28).

Thank you very much for your help.


Aerosol aware Thompon scheme is bonded with are_opt = 3. It cannot work with aer_opt =2.

Thompon scheme options 8 and option 28 are different, because option 28 computes sources, sinks, and conversions for the mixing ratios of cloud water, rainwater, cloud ice, snow, and graupel. Number concentration for cloud ice (particles per cubic meter) is also forecast, based on statistical relationships of number concentration, density, and ice mass from recent observational studies. These issues are not addressed in option 8.