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Time dimension length zero in wrfout

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I have needed to make some modifications to my iofields so I only write the data I need and can get output to write without exceeding the 32 bit overflow limit.

Currently, my iofields specification file looks like:

The wrfout files now write successfully, and are of an appropriate size (14GB for two output times). The data seem to have been written.

However, when I go to peruse the data, I see
Dimensions:                (Time: 0, bottom_top: 299, bottom_top_stag: 300, seed_dim_stag: 2, south_north: 1101, south_north_stag: 1102, west_east: 1101, west_east_stag: 1102)

This Time:0 is a rather significant problem because it prohibits WRF-Python and VAPOR from reading these files.

So my question is: how can I get WRF to write to the time dimension? I've completed many successful runs and have only changed this iofields specification (I think... have also done some stuff with I/O quilting but I don't think this would be a problem).

For reference, the relevant portion of my namelist.input time_control section is:
 history_interval                    = 180,  15,  15,   1,
 frames_per_outfile                  = 1000, 12,  12,  2,
 restart                             = .true.,
 restart_interval                    = 60,
 io_form_history                     = 2,
 io_form_restart                     = 102,
 io_form_input                       = 2,
 io_form_boundary                    = 2,
 history_begin_h = 1,1,1,1,

Thanks for any tips you might be able to provide.
Hi Jack,
First I'd like to ask if it's necessary for you to set frames_per_outfile = 1000. If you set this smaller, would your files be able to write out without exceeding their limit?