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time-evolving CO2

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New member

I am using RRTMG physics and I want to have CO2 evolving based on RCP8.5 in my model set up.
I am using wrf/ on a cluster by loading it.

How can I check the model is compiled with the option that turns on the time-evolving CO2?

I linked the CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio.RCP8.5 in my run directory, and then to check if the model is reading this file I deleted CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio from the run directory but the model ran without error (I expected an error like CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio is not available), does it mean wrf is not reading this file from my run directory?

could you explain the steps I should follow to have the time-evolving CO2 (for when I am using the model which is compiled in a cluster and I didn't compile it in my home directory)?

I am very confused and I would be thankful if you could help...
There are two issues here:
(1) You need to copy run/CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio.RCP8.5 to your working directory and rename it as CAMtr_volume_mixing_ratio. RRTMG will read this file.
(2) The option is activated by compiling WRF with the macro –DCLWRFGHG added to configure.wrf. Below is an example of the line that include this option:

Note that you need to type ./clean -a and ./confighure, then manually added the the macro –DCLWRFGHG to configure.wrf and recompile.

Please let me know if you have more questions.
Thank you for your reply.

Regarding the first issue: I am actually doing the same thing! So can I conclude that RRTMG will read the file if it is available and if it is not available it will not complain?!

I am actually using the model that is compiled in a cluster and I don't have access to change anything. My question is if there is any way that I can check the model is compiled with macro –DCLWRFGHG?

Thank you again for your help
Hi, Sunny,
In this case you can look at configure.wrf, and check whether the option is included.