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Time to execute GEOGRID

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I am new to WRF and WPS and currently I am setting up the domain for weather forecasting. According to the user manual I need to make a Global Run. The domain type used is the 'lat-lon' with a 30km grid spacing. There will be nested domains with a smaller grid spacing.

The issue I am facing right now is that geogrid is taking a long time to complete for domain 1 with a grid size of 30km, It has been running for more than 7hours processing the 'GREENFRAC' field. Is it normal for geogrid to take this long? It is utilizing 1 processor at 100% capacity. The dataset used is the highest resolution fields from

Any help would be appreciated.


That seems like a very long time to be running. You said "according to the user manual I need to make a Global Run." Do you need a global run for your particular simulation? Are you trying to forecast for the entire globe? If not, then I would suggest reducing the domain drastically for your purpose. Additionally, we don't really recommend using WRF for global simulations anymore. You may want to consider taking a look at our MPAS model, which was originally built as a global model, and is much better at scaling, and therefore runs much faster, without having to use a very small time-step. WRF was originally built as a regional model, and some developers later added a global component, but it is not highly tested, and no longer developed, so we cannot always guarantee that you will get good results - just depending on your application.