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TKE_PBL field all zeros after WRF v4.2


New member
From WRF v4.2 onwards, my TKE_PBL output field is all zeros

I've tested on otherwise identical setups with several versions of WRF and the change seems to be between v4.1.5 and v4.2

Does anyone know why this is, or can anyone offer any suggestions where I should look for more clues?

I've attached the namelist.input I'm using to give an indication of my setup.

Thanks in advance.


  • namelist.input
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Can you change the namelist option to:
bl_mynn_tkebudget = 1, 1,
Then try again?
Please let me know whether this can fix your issue.
I've realised that the QKE field (defined as twice the TKE) is not zero in the WRF outputs, so I can use that field instead.

In WRF prior to v4.2, the output contains both TKE_PBL and QKE fields (and they are consistent with QKE=2*TKE). But from v4.2 onwards, TKE_PBL is zero while QKE is not. So other than confusing me slightly, this behaviour isn't actually causing any issues now that I've realised I can use QKE instead.

Thanks again.