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Tropical channel simulation

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I am trying to run tropical channel simulation with WRF model. I would like to set east-west boundary condition to be periodic and use reanalysis data as north-south boundary condition. But when I set periodic_x = .true. and run real.exe, it crashes immediately.

The namelist I set:

The error message:

Do you know how to set tropical channel configuration?

Please try the following configuration and see whether it works:

(1) Center latitude = 9.5 Center longitude = 180.0 Map projection = Mercator

(2) Domain 1: 1112 x 255 grid points at dx = 36 km

(3) 35 sigma levels

(4) Periodic lateral boundary conditions in East-West

(5) NCEP-NCAR reanalyses at north and south boundaries (6 hourly at 2.5°)

We used to run channel simulation with the above settings and the model works fine. Please try and let me know if you still have problems.
Thank you so much. The settings you suggested ensure successful configuration. The key is to make east-ward boundaries coincident exatly.

Thank you again for your suggestions.