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Trouble transferring QV into metgrid output


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Hello there,

I am trying to use WPS to convert grib output from HRRR into a suitable for input for GSI. (EG, running ungrib --> geogrid --> metgrid --> WPS)

While WPS runs successfully, I have noticed that QV / QVapor is not the in metgrid output, despite specifying QV as a variable in both the ungrib + metgrid stages. Interestingly, I see QV as a variable in the ungrib.log, which to me indicates that the issue likely arises in the metgrid step. I could easily be wrong though!

I'm attaching my ungrib.log output, as well as the Vtable I use for ungrib. I'm also attaching metgrid log + table. I figured the output from geogrid is less relevant though also happy to attach that as well.

Any guidance you can offer on how (or why) QV doesn't make it into my metgrid file would be incredibly helpful -- thank you!


  • ungrib.log
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  • namelist _HRRR.wps
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  • metgrid.log
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  • Vtable.hrrr_smoke.QV.txt
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Your ungrib.log file indicates that QV is only available at surface. There is no upper-level QV data.