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Dear team,
I have a question regarding the tslist output. It is possible to have the values every second or minute? And are the output values given lat/long interpolated to the nearest grid point (I understood yes but I am not sure) and if yes, how?
thanks for your help
I am also a new WRF user.
From what I understood, tslist output some fields at the nearest grid point. This point is determined at the beginning of the simulation, you have the indices of the points in the first line of the file if I remember well.
You can search in the forum, some questions about tslist have been answered
The output frequency is directly your simulation time step. I don't think you can change that. You may then post-process to get a value every hour.

I am using your topics to mention a small limitation of tslists :
If using a parent and a nest with a vertical nesting (nest having more eta levels than parent), the number of levels output (max_ts_levels) is limited by the parent number of eta levels (e_vert), even in the nest.

Hi again,

I share here a quick modification of the code to allow time series profiles to be computed on a different number of levels between nested domains.
In particular this is useful when using vertical nesting since max_ts_level is currently limited to e_vert(1)-1 which might be lower to e_vert(2)-1 for example.
Note that I modified the default value of max_ts_locs to -1 and automatically reset -1 values to e_vert(i)-1 for each domain in module_check_a_mundo.



  • tslist_allow_vertical_nesting.txt
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Output of variables are at every time step. There is no option to control the interval of output.
You are right that the data are from the nearest grid point.
Thank you for the kind information. Do you like to propose a PR in