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Turning on crop option in CLM/WRF


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How should I turn on the CROP option for CLM land surface option?

I am currently using WRF v4.1.1 (compiling with gcc) with the surface model option 5 (CLM configuration-namelist.input-attached). I would like to turn on the crop module option. The conditions are defined in the code using "ifdef CROP" or "if (defined CROP)" (module_sf_clm.F-attached). I have tried to turn on the CROP option in the script using "defined CROP" below "ifdef CROP" and "if (defined CROP)" because I didn't figure out how to turn on the option in the namelist.input. And then compiled but it didn't work.

I needed column values of some of the variables instead of grid point values. So that, I have separately calculated column values for a variable and printed out them to the log file (rsl.out-attached). The values of the variable are for only column 1 and column 2. But I was not able to understand the types of the columns calculated. I need to know the types of the columns of these column 1 and column 2 which column type they are exactly corresponded to.

There is a list in the code covers the column types. For the variable I mentioned, values are mostly calculated for both two columns but sometimes it has value for only one of these columns.

Do you have any suggestions or is there a way to understand the column types?

For the log file:
I have tried to calculated column values of the variable "qflx_surf" and added a script in module_sf_clm.F given below. If it is required, I can send the all the scripts that I have changed for calculation of the column values of the variable. It loops over only two columns.

subroutine clm( ...)
do c = begc,endc
qflx_surf_w2c = clm3%g%l%c%cwf%qflx_surf(c)*dtime
WRITE( message , * ) &
'qflx_surf_w2c', qflx_surf_w2c, ', c', c
CALL wrf_message ( message )

end do
end subroutine clm

Thank you for your time.


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After you produce configure.wrf, please change the line below
This will enable CROP in CLM. However, this is an option rarely used and not well tested. Please be cautious when you run with this option.