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two versions of WRF installation

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Dear Colleague,

I use Linux to install WRF3.8.1 and WRF4.3 simultaneously, and would like to know whether the new version will overwrite the old version? When I run anyone of them, will the other one has impacts on it?

Best wishes,
Hi Stella,
As long as you've build the two versions in separate directories, it should be fine, and they will not interact with each other.
Hi Colleague,

Thanks for your kind help. One more question:
I would like to install WRF3.8.1 and WRF4.3 on BC4, but both require setting the configuration environment in .bashrc file, which locates in mnt/storage/home/sd16121

Because I must build the two versions in separate scratch directories, which may change the DIR path (see below):
exprot DIR=/mnt/storage/scratch/sd16121/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES

If I use the same DIR path, whether the two versions will have mutual interference?

Best regards,
Unless you are using different libraries to build the two versions of WRF, it should be fine to use the same setting for $DIR. By the way, "DIR" is just a generic name that was given to the path. You can set this to anything you'd like, and if you do need two versions of it, you could set something like "DIR1" and "DIR2."