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Unable to find bin data in HUJI-SBM (32) Wrf scheme

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I tried to analysis the SBM (Spectral Bin Microphysics) WRF out files and try to see the particle concentration for all bin diameter. But i am unable to find concentration with bin diameter.
All the data is in "lat, Lon, vertical level, time" format. Their is no further data. I am going through the literature regarding the SBM and found that the data is directly available in WRF out file. Which i am unable to find or misunderstand the format of data.
For reference you can see "WRF–SBM Simulations of Melting-Layer Structure in Mixed-Phase Precipitation Events Observed during LPVEx" by Iguchi et al. (2014). In this paper Fig. 8 their is comparison of disdrometer data to WRF SBM simulated data of drop concentration with drop diameter. I also try to plot the same, but unable to find data in WRF outfile.
Any help regarding this issue is appreciated.

Thank you

Would you please send me your namelist.input to take a look?
If the file size is not large enough, please also upload a single wrfout file. Thanks.

Can you look at your run directory and see whether you have files named "auxhist3_d<domain>_<date>" ? if so, then the bin microphysics information will be included in these files.

If you cannot find 'auxhist3' files, please try the options below and let me know whether they work:
auxhist3_outname = "bin_d<domain>_<date>"
auxhist3_interval = 3600
io_form_auxhist3 = 2,
frames_per_auxhist3 = 1000,
Thank you for the reply.

The modifications provided for namelist.input worked perfectly with some modification according to requirement.

I got all the variables of titles ff"1,5,6,8,2,3,4,7"i01 to 33 with time in this file which missing the bin size. Can you suggest me any thing related to the bin size of all these categories of data?

'auxhist3' files were not presented in run directory. However some "core.dir" files generates in run directory for each simulation with large sizes .
Is it OK to delete these files?

Those core files indicate segmentation fault, and I guess something is wrong in your case. You need to delete them because they don't provide helpful information for you to debug the problem.
I just wonder whether your case is done successfully?
Thank you Ming for the reply and clearing the confusion.

Previously I run the model with complex terrain structure which makes the segmentation error and also the force killing the WRF run. With small modification in Namelist.input file we overcome that error. I think this force killing the WRF processes generates the current core files.
The model run successfully.

That is good to know. In this case please delete those core files and wee don't need to worry for anything.