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Unable to Post-Process Output Files


New member
Hello Everyone,

I have saved my model's output history and diagnostic files by setting the io_type as "pnetcdf,cdf5". Now when I am trying to use the convert_mpas utility it is showing unknown file format. Also I am unable to access it in MATLAB with ncread command, however I could read the files in NCL. Please help me to use the convert_mpas utility and how to post-process these file in MATLAB.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely
Debjit Paul
You will need to ensure that the NetCDF library that your application (MATLAB, convert_mpas) is using has been compiled with support for the CDF-5 (large variable) file format. Depending on which version of the NetCDF library you're installing, this may be as simple as adding the option "--enable-cdf5" when running the "configure" script for the NetCDF-C library.