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Understanding SOA


New member

I am currently engaged in a comprehensive inquiry into the methodology employed by WRF-Chem for SOA (Secondary Organic Aerosol) calculations.

In my current configuration, I have MOSIAC integrated with MOZART, utilizing the chem_opt parameter set to 201, corresponding to mozart_mosaic_4bin. My primary focus centers around the output variables such as soa_a01, soa_a02, soa_a03, and soa_a04.

Based on insights gleaned from the code within module_mosaic_sumpm.F, it is evident that these output values are derived from smpa, smpbb, glysoa, and biog1_aer for vbs0. Notably, the smpbb output was found to be zero within the WRF-Chem output file.

My objective is to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying algorithm or computational process that yields these output values. I would be exceedingly grateful if someone could provide guidance by directing me to the pertinent source code or documentation that elucidates this mechanism. Specifically, I am keen to identify the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are involved in the calculation of the aforementioned SOA outputs.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.