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Ungrib Error: invalid reference to variable in NAMELIST input

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Hello everyone,

I have WPS4.3.1 and WRF 4.3.3.

When I try editing namelis.wps as suggested here:
I get the following message error:

"forrtl: severe (19): invalid reference to variable in NAMELIST input, unit 10, file /home/cr2/mlagos/WPS/namelist.wps, line 7, position 9"

Where is the Prefix =, line; when I comment this line, the ungrib.exe works, but I am afraid of deleting the GFS/intermediate files and the final met_* files.

Any help?



  • namelist.wps
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I moved your inquiry to the ungrib section, as the error is specific to ungrib and wasn't related to the previous question it was posted to.

The namelist variable "prefix" is not valid in the &share section of namelist.wps. It should be in the &ungrib section. Take a look at this tutorial that walks you through the steps of using SST input.