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Ungrib error: not reading SST


New member
I want to use JMA GPV data as SST data, but ungrib.exe fails. I am attaching the followings:
  • namelist.wps
  • Vtable.SST
  • ungrib.log
  • nohup.out
  • wgrib2 output: (wgrib2 GRIBFILE.AAA > out_wgrib2_GRIBFILEAAA)
  • g2print output: (./util/g2print GRIBFILE.AAA > out_g2print_GRIBFILEAAA)

Any suggestions as to why this isn't working?


  • namelist.wps
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  • out_g2print_GRIBFILEAAA.txt
    4.5 KB · Views: 3
  • out_g2print_GRIBFILEAAB.txt
    4.5 KB · Views: 1
  • out_g2print_GRIBFILEAAC.txt
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  • out_wgrib2_GRIBFILEAAA.txt
    2.7 KB · Views: 3
  • out_wgrib2_GRIBFILEAAB.txt
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  • out_wgrib2_GRIBFILEAAC.txt
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  • ungrib.log
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  • Vtable.txt
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The end of the ungrib.log file says the execution was completed successfully.
2022-12-22 18:48:10.606 ---  *** Successful completion of program ungrib.exe ***

Did you not get the files you expected?
Thanks for your reply.
I'm sorry I didn't make it clear enough. The file (SST:***) was created, but the file size was zero.
Thanks for clarifying. I see this message in your ungrib.log
Rd_grib2 does not know about level code 160 (field = SST). Skipping this field. If you want this level, rd_grib2.F must be modified

This means the code is not familiar with a level code of 160, and if you want to use that one, you'll need to modify the ungrib/src/rd_grib2.F file to allow it to work. You can search for that part of the code by looking for "Rd_grib2 does not know" in that file. After you make any modifications, you'll need to recompile ungrib.exe.

I also notice that your SST data files have many levels in them. I'm not sure WPS is capable of handling an SST field with multiple levels. I've only ever seen this as a single level (the top ocean level).
As you mentioned, I modified rd_grib2.F and recompiled ungrib.exe. Then, I finally got the files (SST:***)! Thank you very much for the useful advice.