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ungrib.exe > link_grib.csh ...> what data file ? where is it?

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So far in my WRF installation , forum discussions have been very useful & guiding. But I couldn't find the following

I am following the ungrib.exe installation process as given in the README

- edit namelist.wps for start_date and end_date, output file prefix
(&share and &ungrib sections)
- link correct Vtable:
ls -l ungrib/Variable_Tables
For example, for NCEP GFS (or AVN, FNL) data,
ln -sf ungrib/Variable_Tables/Vtable.GFS Vtable
-------------- HERE IS MY QUESTION-----------------
- link grib data files:
link_grib.csh /data-directory/file* --->>What does this /data-directory/file* refers to ? Where do I get this data? Hope it is not WPS_GEOG?
- type 'ungrib.exe >& ungrib.out' to run
- check output in ungrib.log and ungrib.out
link_grib.csh will link all WRF forcing data to your WPS directory and rename them as GRIBFILE.AAA, GRIBFIL.AAB, ...
The forcing data could be any analysis/reanalysis/forecast products like GFS, ERA-I, etc.